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DECOLFAME bioethanol fireplaces

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DECOLFAME bioethanol fireplaces

Aesthetics and design

Decoflame is a company based in Denmark, a pioneer in the manufacture of bioethanol fireplaces. Fireplaces combine state-of-the-art technology, quality, and functionality with modern design. Its range includes both manual and automatic bioethanol fireplaces.

Automatic bioethanol fireplaces

Decoflame has the range of automatic bioethanol fireplaces with length of up to 4000mm or larger dimension on request.
The bioethanol stoves feature Decoflame’s CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapor Burning) system, which allows full control of the fireplace by remote control or by mobile smartphone via WI-FI, using the Decoflame App. With a simple push of a button we can turn on, turn off the fireplace and adjust the intensity of the flame to the desired level. The front fireproof glass protects the flame, keeping it alive. The hearth consists of stainless steel and a black or white steel base.

Manual bioethanol fireplaces

Choosing a manual fireplace from Decoflame gives you many options regarding the types of fireplaces – wall fireplace, suspended ceiling, floor and built-in models.
A manual fireplace is easy to use, just fill it with bioethanol and light it with a lighter and you will have a beautiful fireplace with flames in a few minutes.

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