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Energy fireplaces

Energy wood fireplaces RUEGG

A clear view of a beautiful dancing flame

All Rüegg integrated energy fireplaces offer the perfect symbiosis of functionality and design. High-quality materials, solid construction, convincing details, intact quality, durability, and generous warranties and more are well worth the price. They have great efficiency and reliability from the largest manufacturer of Swiss fireplaces. The most important keyword is passion. And it is the motivation to create products that excite and stand the test of time, thanks to their quality, durability, user-friendliness and reliability.

Energy wood fireplaces PIAZZETTA

Love for fire since 1960.

Piazzetta cultivates an entirely Italian passion, where aesthetics and technology come together to create fireplaces that are protagonists of modern life. For Piazzetta, fire is a unifying element that brings back emotions and memories that can always be rediscovered. He continues to design the fireplace as the real element of the house, around which all the stories can be told. Exclusive home heating solutions that guarantee unparalleled comfort, well-being and quality of life.


Gas fireplaces

Endless creation…

Discover the large collection of modern Ortalgas fireplaces, which combine traditional and modern design, with innovative technology, ensuring high efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. Impressive gas fireplaces, safe and functional, designed to meet the strictest requirements of architects, designers, builders, homeowners, and businesses.

Choose the gas fireplace of your taste…

Bioethanol fireplaces

Bioethanol fireplaces

Aesthetics and design

Automatic bioethanol fireplace is today the most modern and easy-to-use indoor fire product. A range with different sizes, offers exceptional architectural constructions, as no chimney is required. The materials used for the aesthetic coverage consist of natural marbles, ceramic surfaces as well as wood and metal in special treatments.

Energy fireplaces

Fireplaces with pendants

Mythical design…

CL Design designs fireplaces seeking harmony between your living space and visualized comfort. The range of products that we offer you is innovative in terms of design, but it is also innovative in terms of technical performance. They are placed centrally or wall-mounted with an energy profile, in any color and dimensions. They are a functional and high level of aesthetics in the space.

Architectural fireplaces

Architectural fireplaces

FireProject creates…

Architectural design fireplaces in special dimensions, always aiming at the element of fire to complement the heart of the design in your space. Materials such as metal, lava, crystal, wood, and marble complement each other to achieve the best aesthetic result.


British Fires

Electric Fireplaces

The New Forest electric fire takes flame technology to the next level. The LED flame visuals are almost unbelievable in the deep real fires colors and spread throughout the wide fire utilizing every angle. The signature logs are crafted from high quality materials that perfectly form together and capture every detail you would expect to see in a log found whilst walking in the New Forest.


Vapor Water Fireplaces

Water Fireplaces

Electric water vapour fireplace 3D.

The Water Vapor Fire Effect is one of the most advanced electric fireplace technologies featuring the first flame and smoke effect.

Until now, electric fireplaces have only reproduced the visual flames of fire. The Water Vapor Fire Effect adds a mist that looks like real smoke rising from flames.