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FOGHER Outdoor Kitchen

The best way to enjoy Outdoor Living

Those who love the outdoors life, appreciate cooking in the garden or on the terrace. The best way to enjoy these happy moments is the freedom to create any dish, without restrictions of your imagination. The idea for the product was based on this condition: to gather all the functional charm of a traditional kitchen while providing all its advantages outdoors.


The FÒGHER outdoor kitchen is not only a product with maximum levels of efficiency, but above all it is a tool designed and manufactured by us for your personal pleasure. Just set priorities and choose the most suitable accessories to create your own unique space, where you can enjoy your passion for fine dining and share it with the right company.

Materials that stand the test
of time...

We decided to make a product of excellent performance using the best materials available. Thanks to the stainless-steel shelves, the zinc / magnesium-coated steel frame elements, and the rust-free base paint, you do not have to worry about the effects of the weather. The appearance and quality of the product will remain unchanged over time.

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