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Piazzeta stoves

The pleasure of heating with a Piazzetta wood stove

Wood has always been a primary source of heating and cooking and is the pre-eminent natural fuel. A choice focusing on tradition and ecology to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. Through the wide range of Piazzetta wood stoves, you will find with absolute certainty the perfect solution for your space. Wood stoves guarantee comfort, maximum performance and low consumption. They have the exclusive Multifuoco® System, an innovative technology that, using a fan, helps to circulate the heat evenly throughout the room, heating even the most remote rooms. Exclusive designs, with a unique design, thanks to the handmade Majolica ceramic lining.

Less consumption and more savings

Airtight stove construction suitable for ecologically green houses

The choice of heating products, such as Piazzetta stoves, which use 100% combustion air from the environment, is the ideal solution for the well-being of the user, as it does not use the air inside the house for combustion.
The airtight stove is a completely ecological choice, which is friendly to the environment, but also to the user. The airtight closing of the door, combined with the use of 100% outside air, contributes to reducing the stove’s consumption as the cold outside air enters directly into the stove for combustion and not into our space.

Heating of the radiators through a pellet burning stove

A real heating system

The application of a Piazzetta fireplace or water stove, as a central heating system, is a practical and good solution, as its connection to the existing heating system is easy, but also functional, heating all rooms equipped with radiators. The heat provided by the stove, fireplace or boiler heats the water available in the radiators, which then heats the room.

Innovation with the Multifuoco® system

The Multifuoco® system, is an innovative system which, using a fan, contributes to channeling the heat evenly throughout the room, heating even the lowest points of the room. It is a system created and patented by Piazzetta technicians, which has been tested by researchers at the Institute of Technical Physics of the University of Padua. Thanks to this system, the heat is transferred to the room, from bottom to top and then to the whole room due to the natural flow of hot air, maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the room.

Infinity Plus line

Infinity Plus Line, the innovative hybrid heating system

Now the heating of the house can be done by burning either wood or pellets, with an Infinity Plus Line stove. The ease of use of pellets is combined with the warmth of burning wood and the result is a high performance hybrid stove. The choice is yours: you decide whether to use pellets or wood to operate the stove. With the My Piazzetta app, you can program the automatic start of the hybrid stove using pellets even when you are away from home. Then you can enjoy the burning of the wood, simply by placing them in the combustion area, the stove automatically stops the pellet supply and continues with the burning of the wood. Switching between the two fuels is done automatically, without interruption. With the Infinity Control System (ICS), the control of the hybrid stove is fully automated, which guarantees maximum performance of both pellets and wood.

Cooking with fire

Piazzetta’s wide range of pellet and wood stoves also offers several models that have a built-in wood oven for cooking. The stove with oven offers a variety of advantages when using it. Piazzetta stoves with built-in oven, in addition to being able to cook, also offer quick heating in the room and with the use of the Multifuoco system it can also distribute the heat to other rooms.

Natural Mode

Thanks to the Multifuoco system we can distribute the warm air of the fireplace quickly and evenly in every area of the house from the floor to the ceiling, even in the most remote rooms. On the contrary, with the Natural Mode function we can completely deactivate the fan system and operate our stove only with natural flow, achieving a more gradual heating of the space, but at the same time a completely silent operation.

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