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Ηanging fireplaces CL Design

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Ηanging fireplaces CL Design

“The fire in “clean lines”…

CL Design designs fireplaces seeking harmony between your living space and visualized comfort. The range of products that we offer you is innovative in terms of design, but it is also innovative in terms of technical performance. They are placed centrally or wall-mounted with an energy profile, in any color and dimensions. They are a functional and high level of aesthetics in the space.

Center / Wall Collection


Our mural option retains the same purpose as the central model. Various accessory options, such as the side add-on log for O’Min, add a touch more style and functionality. It has various options of accessories, such as the extra side decoration as well as a practical stand. O’MNI adds style and functionality to the space.


One-sided frontal model. It retains the same expressive force of the central Flag concept. It can also be installed in a corner, balancing the whole with its special Flag log box designed for this purpose. It has various options of accessories, such as the extra side decoration as well as a practical stand.


Our suspended one with extra vision of the fire. Emotion and expressiveness to integrate it in any space, even the most neutral ones and without history. Its dynamics are characterized by its quality and thermal performance.


Comfort and simplicity. Its design gives a special character in a minimal line placed in the middle or on the wall. Its expressiveness is characterized by the design and is a point of reference in the area.


We maintain the will of a wall mount suspended fireplace. Brightness and expression of comfort around it. Installation in the center or on the wall.


Glazed frontal, with two slats opening without a vertical frame. Unprecedented vision of fire in a frontal model. Flame show in a 215º view. It has double-slatted glass that opens without a vertical frame.


Meticulous applied engineering With Delta, we achieve simplicity of shapes, robustness in use and functional beauty. Delicate design. This triangular fireplace has wide adaptability, even in very demanding spaces. Integrated into a wall or suspended, we achieve comfort and elegance at home.


Three-sided vision with front door. Its small size allows us to be in harmony with different styles and scenarios. It is placed hanging on the wall

Gas or Bioethanol Collection


The form depends on the function. Made of 304 stainless steel, available with gas burners or bioethanol. We see the experience of Chimeneas CL reflected in this engineering and design exercise. ESSE is the result of collaboration and consensus in the systematic exploitation of all processes learned, as well as the illusion of a highly trained and cohesive team.
A design for custom creations. Lacquered finish in color according to RAL chart.